Forest Manor Nursing Home in Northport has confirmed 19 of its residents and 8 of its staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.


According to ABC 33/40, Forest Manor tested over 80 of its residents for the Coronavirus. After the results came in, state and county health departments were notified as well as the staff member and resident families. Workers within Forest Manor who are providing care to the residents that tested positive are receiving "hero pay" for their work. The amount of the increase in wages is not being disclosed at this time.

Just within the last two weeks, the state of Alabama has seen a major spike in confirmed Coronavirus cases. As seen on the Alabama Department Of Public Health dashboard, Alabama had a daily case count of 639 earlier this week.  There is also a rise in hospitalizations within DCH systems due to COVID-19. The total number of confirmed cases in the state of Alabama is just over 16,000. There have been 590 deaths from the virus. Tuscaloosa county is currently at 639 confirmed cases with 13 deaths. Shelby county has 473 confirmed cases with 19 deaths and  Pickens county has only 4 deaths with 96 confirmed cases.

Dr. Rachael Lee who is an epidemiologist at UAB Hospital spoke with ABC 33/40 on the recent increase in COVID-19 cases. Her reasoning was this could be "because of increased testing or because restrictions were lifted too early." Do you think restrictions were lifted too early? How are you making sure you and your loved ones are remaining safe during this time? Send us a message on our station app and let us know.


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