There are so many movies that I loved watching as a kid. As I thought about some of my favorite movies, I recall a select few that were showing me the reality of being a black man in America.

Many movies showed encounters with the police, daily thoughts, and occurrences of black men breaking their backs to support their families, racial profiling and so many more things that black men in America face every day. Some of those movies went over my head but some stood out like a sore thumb. Watching those movies and hearing the way my dad spoke about his experiences at work and in life, I realized that my life in America would not be like others in America. Even as an adult, I've found even more films that I could relate to through personal experience. Here's my list of a few movies that I could with to this day, and others that I can't, but they all educated me about being black in America.


6 Movies That Taught Me About Being A Black Man In America


I'd have to say my favorite of all of these is Higher Learning. There are so many underlying messages within this movie that moved me as a kid. It really opened my eyes to how worlds collide when in public and how we are different and the catastrophe that can happen when we don't attempt to understand each other. Of course, there are so many other movies that educate people on race and race relations in America. I'd love to know some of your favorites! Let me know on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay. 


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