6ix9ine has only been back in the public eye for a day and his private location has already been compromised.

On Saturday (May 9), the rapper's attorney, Dawn Florio, confirmed to XXL that Tekashi has been moved from his location due to the address leaking online. This happened after the rapper shared a video clip from the outside of what was believed to have been his residence. In the video, he stands on a deck boasting and bragging about his wealth, jewelry and status.

"Every rapper calling eachother pushing there albums back 😂😂 1,500,00 WATCHES. 750,000 CHAIN," captioned the post.

Well, a nearby resident happened to catch the rapper filming outside on his balcony and posted a video to social media revealing his location.

"So, I'm in my fucking room," the young woman starts. "6ix9ine is literally...he moved in the house behind me. He's taking pictures on the back deck."

She then shows what appears to be Tekashi at the moment he's on his balcony getting footage for IG.

Another photo has surfaced, which is purported to have been Tekashi's residence. In the pic, at least four police SUVs can be seen parked in front of the home. The address of the home has since leaked.

Rayryan Riviera via Instagram
Rayryan Riviera via Instagram

6ix9ine is definitely a target after cooperating with the federal government to help take down his former associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang. On April 2, the rapper was released from prison to finish out his sentence on home confinement after being arrested in 2018 for federal racketeering and firearms charges. Instead of laying low, Tekashi released a new single called "Gooba" on Friday (May 8), and is back to his trolling ways on social media.

Sara Molina, the mother of Tekashi's child, recently called the rapper a "marked man."

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