Lots of people used quarantine to take the time to learn new skills. Here we are months after and you are probably still don't know the best way to use Google.

Using Google is probably the single most useful thing on earth right now. It's amazing how common it's become. If you have a question about your health, job openings, daycare, store sales, literally anything, all you have to do is use Google. The search engine answers any question.

This is especially useful for college students. The thing is, you've probably been using Google wrong this whole time. A Twitter user has posted some tips for getting the most out of Google. Chris Hladczuk is a Yale graduate and currently an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York City. He recently tweeted his Google tips and they blew us away!

 Are you using quotation marks correctly when Goggling?


Did you know that there was a specific way to use dashes on Google?


Something that you may not use often, but is very useful while Googling is a tilde.

You can even search a specific website for a phrase or word without going to that site.


We bet you didn't know that you could use this simple character to improve your Google searches.


If you'd like to search specific years, you can use periods to get your specific results.


Using the word location makes a huge difference in your Google results.


An easy way to filter out unwanted clickbait news, this tip will help you out.

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