If I'm being honest, almost every day I'm trying to figure out the people of Alabama.

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Being from another state, it's tough to really understand people in Alabama. Just when I feel like I have them figured out, something comes out of nowhere that changed my mind.

Of course, there are a few things that will never change about people in Alabama.

They will ALWAYS love the Crimson Tide. That's a fact.

Also, the barbeque will be the food of choice if left up to the people of Alabama. Taco Casa food is a close second if you ask me.

One thing I thought I'd get right was Alabama's most googled word definition.

Of course, I didn't just pick a word out of the blue. Freelance Writing Jobs used data from Google searches t determine the most searched word definitions in the country and each state.

The top three words were:


Pushing P






Can you guess which word was the top searched definition in the state of Alabama?

Good news!

If you guessed Woke, or NFT, you're wrong just like me.

According to the data collected by Freelance Writing Jobs, Alabama's most searched word definition is the word Narcissist.

According to Google Ngram data, the frequency of the word ‘narcissist’ increased rapidly in books from 1992, when IBM announced the first smartphone.

Even though narcissist is the top word for Alabama, it is the second most searched-for word definition in the US.

The meaning of narcissist is someone who is too self-obsessed and egotistic. Narcissism is tied to narcissistic personality disorder, a mental health condition that involves self-centeredness, arrogant thinking, and a lack of empathy or care for others.

Have you ever searched or wondered what the word narcissist meant?

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