In this COVID-19 era, there is a lot of uncertainty.

Some are concerned about following the right prevention methods to the best of their ability.  Others are sending prayers and positive thoughts to loved ones battling the infection, watching for changing conditions day by day. Even more have seen changes in their income as a result of business shutdowns.

For those who are concerned about their income, there are companies which are hiring. So, whether you need a primary job or supplemental income, opportunities exist to alleviate financial stress do exist.

One company on the search for new employees is ABM Technology and Manufacturing.

The company, located at the Mercedes Plant in Vance is currently hiring for janitorial and landscaping positions.

According to recruiter Chavon Morrison, the pay for the janitorial positions is $11.00 per hour. All shifts are Monday through Friday. First and second shifts may be allowed to work every other Saturday for overtime. The responsibilities for the janitorial positions are to ensure that the restrooms, team center, office break rooms, and cafeterias are clean.

The pay rate for Landscaping is $10.00-$11.50 per hour.

For ALL open positions, applicants must be able to pass a background check and drug screening. Medical, dental, and vision benefits are offered after 30 days of employment.

Apply for the following shifts as follows:

1st shift (6am-2pm)

2nd shift (2pm-10pm)

3rd shift (10pm-6am)

Be sure pass this information along to anyone who needs it.  We may not be able to donate as much as we did before, but we can certainly lead others to resources. We're all in this together!

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