The Alabama High School Athletic Association announced today its promotion of Alvin Briggs to its executive director position. The position opened up due to former Executive Director Steve Savarese retiring, Savarese held the position since 2006 and was only the fourth full-time executive director in AHSAA history.

Briggs was formerly the AHSAA associate executive director and has been employed at the AHSAA since 2011. Briggs is the first African-American to hold this position. He has previously been the AHSAA head of football and track and field while also being named head of athletic directors and coaches. Briggs was promoted to associate executive director in 2018, replacing the retiring Tony Stallworth.

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“Alvin has the leadership ability to work with this staff and rely on this staff,” Savarese said. “I am confident under his leadership, with this staff, they will do an outstanding job. Alvin loves people, so as long as you care, and he definitely cares about our student athletes, you’ll have success.”

Briggs played football at Auburn University and won the SEC title in 1987. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys but left the NFL to become a graduate assistant at North Alabama. Briggs spent time coaching at Greenville and Florence High School prior to joining the AHSAA.

“My prayer is that I lead this organization to new heights as he’s done,” Briggs said. “My goal, and my plan and my prayer is to leave this association better than it was handed to me. That will be a daunting task, but I look forward to the challenge.”

First on Briggs' docket will be implementing Ladies Flag Football this fall. 2021 will be the first year of the sport.


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