This sounds like a scene straight out of a movie.


We've all heard of movies about dogs where they may not be the friendliest creatures in the story.

The first movie that comes to mind is the 1983 Stephen King cult classic Cujo. This movie is the source of many nightmares to this day.


Being chased by a dog has to be one of my top fears in the world.

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Unfortunately, this Alabama man lost his life after being chased down and attacked by a vicious pack of dogs.

According to reports from WTVY, 27-year-old Demarcus McKenzie was seen on surveillance video being attacked by up to 6 dogs, as he struggled to stand.

Could you imagine the pain, and fear that he may have experienced during this tragic incident?


WTVY says that Dale County Sheriff Mason Bynum revealed that investigators originally believed McKenzie had been murdered. One can only imagine the scene showing up to the place where the mauling happened.

The body’s condition, Bynum said, led officers to first believe that McKenzie had been shot, all according to WTVY.

“It appears that as the victim was exiting the residence a dog became aggressive towards the victim,” Bynum said in a statement. “The victim began to run down the driveway as 2-3 more dogs joined in on the attack.”

The attack happened in Skipperville which is about 12 miles north of Ozark in Alabama.

According to WTVY, there is no word on if anyone will be charged after the dog attack.


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