Things you expect to find in a bathroom should be toilet paper, hand soap, towels, and maybe even those paper toilet seat covers.

We all have walked into a restroom to find one or more necessary items missing. This can be very inconvenient at the time.

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So the question remains what do you do when there’s something “extra” inside? Inside as IN the toilet itself!

Alabama police found something completely terrifying in just that very place.


What could possibly be floating in a toilet?

I know what you are thinking. Was it drugs or an illegal substance that an inmate possibly tried to flush?

It was not any illegal substances or even an inmate trying to flush any incriminating evidence.


How would you react to finding a snake in a toilet?

Yes, you read that correctly…A snake! See the horrific photo by scrolling below.

A snake with its mouth wide open
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The Eufaula Alabama police department found a snake in the police station's bathroom stall!

A LIVE snake crawling around the commode!  As if my nightmares couldn’t get any worse.

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Imagine having to go at the precise moment and you find a snake slithering around in the bowl where you sit.

Check out the photo from Facebook..

Eufaula Alabama Police Department/Facebook
Eufaula Alabama Police Department/Facebook

The Eufaula Police did safely remove the harmless Gray Rat Snake and relocate it versus placing it under arrest for trespassing.

Those would be awesome mug shots..  Or maybe a snake lineup?  I mean think about it.  Or if you are anything like myself, DON'T think about it!  The horror is too much!

Because of this, I now check my throne before use, I don’t want any unpleasant surprises.

This now includes snakes!

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