Blues lovers have anticipated the return of the Alabama Blues Project annual fundraiser, “An Evening of Art & Blues.” Ashley R. Wheat, Executive Director said that they are “thrilled to bring this event back to Tuscaloosa." Since they canceled the last two years due to the pandemic. She also said they have "worked hard to ensure this is a show worth waiting for.”

Alabama Blues Project, “The Blues: Unmasked” fundraiser will take place at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center Friday, February 25, 2022, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. This will be “An Evening of Art & Blues” where the attire is semiformal to formal and the masquerade optional.

According to the Press Release, “Proceeds from this annual celebration of Alabama's rich Blues legacy supports the nonprofit’s programs including after-school Blues clubs, seasonal camps, summer reading programs, the advanced band, and several other programs in Tuscaloosa and surrounding counties.” Click here to follow the Alabama Blues Project on Facebook.

When asked why is it important to keep the blues alive? Rosa Johnson, Vice President of the Board of Directors Alabama Blues Project said that “Blues music is the root; all others are the fruits. It's important to understand how the Blues influences all genres of music. It is also a rich part of Black culture. You learn about the past in order to move forward.”


Michele Coley from Allstate Insurance is the entertainment sponsor and will include “hill country and Delta blues artist Brett Benton, DieDra the Alabama Blues Queen, and the Alabama Blues Project’s advanced band Alabama Blues Productions.”

Ticket Information

General admission is $25 in advance

$30 at the door for adults

Children ages 8 to 17 are $10 and children 7 and under are free.

Tickets can be purchased online at or from Guitar Gallery.

Click here for more information on tickets.

What to Expect

Attendees will enjoy a live and silent auction. To bid on silent auction items prior to the event. Click here to visit

There will be catering by “Angel Food and Cakes, a cash bar by Casual Class Bar Services, and a cash photo booth by Digital Burn Multimedia. Other sponsors include Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports, Quality Liaison Group, University Programs of the University of Alabama, and the Alabama Power Foundation.”

Johnson also mentioned that “this will be the party to attend, let your hair down and support the Alabama Blues Project.

(Source) Press Release sent to Townsquare Media via email. To become a sponsor or make a donation email the Committee Chair Rosa Johnson, Click here for more information on the Alabama Blues Project.

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