Did you know that you could go to Harvard for free?

Yes you read it correctly, free online courses are now being offered to become skilled in certain departments. Harvard University, based in Cambridge, will be offering 10 classes with absolutely no payment required for 2023. 

Check out the list of free courses and links to register below.

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1. CS50's Introduction to Computer Science


This course will be an intro to computer sciences and the craft of programming. This is a free beginner course that will last for 12 weeks only. 

Register for CS50's Introduction to Computer Science here.


2. Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

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For those that are interested in programming this course will go more into detail on the design and implementation of web apps with different programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and SQL while using frameworks like Django, React, and Bootstrap. This is considered an intermediate course and will take 12 weeks to complete. 

Register for Web Programming with Python and JavaScript here.


3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python


If you want to get into programming then this might be the course for you. You will learn how to use machine learning in Python in this beginner friendly course and it will only take 7 weeks to complete. 

Register for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python here.


4. Introduction to Game Development

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In this hands- on, 12 week, intermediate program you can expect to learn about the development of 2D and 3D interactive games. This will include diving deeper into the design of some people’s childhood classics games like Super Mario, Pokémon, and Angry Birds.

Register for Introduction to Game Development here.

5. Introduction to Cybersecurity

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Short and simple should be the description of this course. This beginner 5 week program will be an intro to cybersecurity for technical and nontechnical audiences.

Register for Introduction to Cybersecurity here.

6. Data Science: Machine Learning

Data analyst

In the beginner friendly 8 week course you will construct a movie recommendation system while also learning the meaning behind one of the most used algorithms in data sciences. 

Register for Data Science: Machine Learning here.


7. Data Science: Productivity Tools

Developer (back-end)

In this program you will learn how to produce reproducible reports using software/operating systems like GitHub, git, Unix/Linux, and RStudio. This program is only 8 weeks and recommended for beginners. 

Register for Data Science: Productivity Tools here.


8. Introduction to Digital Humanities

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For this free 7 week program you will gain skills in digital research and visualization techniques within the humanities.

Register for Introduction to Digital Humanities here.


9. Leaders of Learning

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For this self development course, that everyone could take from, you will explore and understand your own thoughts of what you feel is learning and leadership. Students should leave this course with the tools to develop the future of learning, in only 10 weeks. 

Register for Leaders of Learning here.


10. Managing Happiness

Close-up of a smiling little girl

Although some might not consider this a skill but managing your happiness is. This course will encourage you to explore the biology of happiness, which in turn can help you to find your truest self in only 6 weeks. 

Register for Managing Happiness here.

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