School may be OUT right now but the class of idiots is IN this week.

A high school coach in Athens, Alabama has shown you don't always have to "give in" to the cancel culture mob of today. If folks don't stand up to the "mob" it will get sillier and more damaging to our society.

This story involves a football coach in Alabama who is referred to as "Coach Carter".

Apparently, the school had been reviewing policies for the next school year, as well as the upcoming football season.

Our sources tell us the kids, parents, and faculty are being told that one of the popular events might not be able to return when school starts later this year.

For once, in the face of pressure to cave in, this coach and student group aren't caving in to the mobs.

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Coach Carter has been using Mondays to teach his players lessons on how to truly be a man. The players learn everything from how to tie a tie to shaking hands and changing a tire.

The young men have said, in their own words, how valuable they think these lessons have become.

Wait for it.

My favorite phrase is coming in 3, 2, 1.

OF COURSE, critics have come forward and claimed this is teaching young men the dreaded "toxic masculinity".


Yes, my eyes are ROLLING.

What isn't toxic masculinity?

More and more, we, or some, are trying to take everything that makes the sexes different out of the equation.


That's what makes life so interesting and good.

Who wants to live in a world in which everyone is the same?

How boring is that?

Thank God for how Coach Carter and Athens High School stood strong in the face of a tiny group of critics.

I have seen many caves in the face of criticism. It's time for more of us to stand up against these cancel culture mobs when we know it is just wrong.

Teaching young males how to be men when they get older is a wonderful thing that needs to be applauded.

Coach Carter should get an award for doing what he's been doing these last few years.

The only way these things will ever stop is for people to stand up and let their voices be heard.

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