There are a lot of strange things that happen in the state of Alabama but I think this is by far the strangest thing I've ever seen.

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Usually, during big holidays, you'll see a lot of people at cemeteries visiting their loved ones for many different reasons. Maybe they're visiting a grandmother, parents, or a sibling. In this man's this Alabama man's case, he visits his fiancee.

Sadly, about a month after Alabama man, Winston Hagans got engaged, his fiancee Hannah for was killed in a three-car crash in January 2021.

According to The Washington Post, to honor his fiancee, Hagans placed a planter box full of fresh flowers and photos of the two of them on her grave in Auburn, Alabama.

Phil Nye/TSM
Phil Nye/TSM

I've never lost anyone that close to me, but I can imagine how sentimental placing that box on her grave is for Winston Hagans. When you think about it, getting married is one of the happiest moments of somebody's life.

It's when you decide to share all of your growing pains, happy times, and even the rough times with one person for the rest of your life. Before they can make that big change, Hanna's life was snatched away due to a car crash. And this is how Hagans honored his fiancee.

According to The Washington Post, earlier this year, Hagans was arrested on a charge of criminal littering. City officials reassured him that he could put the planter box at his late Fiancee's grave site unless there was a complaint. He discovered that a complaint had been filed by his fiance's father.

Immediately I'm wondering why would his fiancee's father do that?

Maybe they just didn't like each other. Maybe it was an issue within their relationship but he just didn't like him.

It turns out that according to The Washington Post, his late fiancee's father did not approve of their relationship. As a result, Hagans was convicted on one count of criminal littering and was ordered to pay about $300 in fines and court costs.


I understand that both Hagans and his fiancee's father are both in a time of grieving. But who would expect it to ever get this far? What do you think about this situation?

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