So we in Alabama have the now infamous jailer and her convicted murderer/lover who was returned to prison complete with "welcome home gifts."  Now, Florida has the corrections officer turned drug dealer.

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I can’t imagine what these correction officers are thinking…isn’t part of your job description DO NOT break the law?

Back to the drug smuggling officer. Leslie Spencer, 49, has been sentenced by a Florida Judge to 30 months in a Federal Prison.

In March of 2021, Officer Spencer attempted to sneak into Charlotte Correctional Institution’s offsite work camp, which is located in Fort Myers, the following…

Three ounces of Methamphetamines, three ounces of MDMA (ecstasy) and 2 cellphones.

F.Y.I. You should never attempt to smuggle anything into a prison... bad idea!!

Unfortunately, even after giving specific directions to his source on how to package the contraband to avoid detection, he must have forgotten to ask if his “source” was an undercover F.B.I. Agent.

Step one if you decide to break the law… make sure your co-conspirator isn’t an undercover agent.

The F.B.I. was tipped off to Officer Spencer’s, well let’s just call it his part-time job, with inmates.

Those rats!! Don’t they know snitches get stitches?? I digress, Officer Spencer had smuggled in items for cash before.

So he met his source, AKA the Fuzz, in a retail store for the “exchange”. Officer Spencer was handed fake drugs and nonfunctional phones and paid for his items. Once Officer Spencer walked away and exited the store he was immediately arrested by federal agents.

He is charged with attempting possession with the intent to distribute controlled substances.

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