The single largest rail safety law enforcement initiative in North America has officially begun and Alabama is participating as well.

"Operation Clear Track is underway..." is part of the tweet from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency .

Every year, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) partners with law enforcement agencies and first responders across North America, including Canada, to participate in "Operation Clear Track," the continent's largest rail safety law enforcement initiative. ALEA Troopers are currently stationed at railroad crossings and various locations across the state to distribute educational materials emphasizing the importance of adhering to crossing and trespass laws.

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In addition to their on-ground efforts, ALEA is harnessing the power of social media throughout Rail Safety Week, which runs from September 18 to September 24. One of the highlights of this year's campaign is the "Train to Drive" virtual video. Developed by Operation Lifesaver, this interactive tool allows users to make real-time safety decisions while vividly illustrating the devastating consequences of poor choices near railroad tracks.

According to ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor, "The virtual driver training program is a great online tool provided by Operation Lifesaver that gives everyone a chance to get in the driver's seat and make real-time decisions, while also safely displaying the devastating consequences of the wrong decision."

Digital Vision.
Digital Vision.

The statistics surrounding rail safety highlight the urgent need for initiatives like Operation Clear Track. In the United States, a train strikes a person or vehicle every three hours. These accidents are not only tragic but also have a profound and lasting impact on families and communities. ALEA, with its first-hand experience in responding to these incidents, is committed to raising awareness about rail safety.


Secretary Taylor emphasized, "Many of the first responders across our state have responded to these tragic incidents and fully understand the lasting impact these events have on a family as well as the community. We encourage everyone to join our Agency in this national initiative and practice railroad safety not only during Rail Safety Week 2023 but every day of the year."

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As Rail Safety Week unfolds, ALEA remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting rail safety. Through their efforts on the ground, social media outreach, and the innovative "Train to Drive" video, they aim to raise awareness and reduce accidents near railroad tracks. By partnering with other law enforcement agencies and first responders, ALEA hopes to instill a culture of rail safety that extends far beyond this dedicated week, ensuring the safety of all those who use these vital transportation corridors.

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