Sometimes I wonder why certain people have children that they don't intend to protect or properly care for.

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Growing up, there were so many situations I heard about where I wondered if the parents even truly cared for their children. Real-life situations start to sound like movie scenes.

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A recent situation in Alabama has me wondering how many children are really in danger at their inside their own homes.

According to Fox News, two Alabama parents were recently arrested after a 2-year-old was seen naked and unattended near an apartment front door.

When police arrived, they found over 100 Oxycontin pills, drug paraphernalia and cocaine.

Officers also observed three semi-automatic handguns.

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This is just unbelievable.

I just don't see how any of this makes sense for a 2-year-old to be around.

According to Fox News, the drugs and weapons were all in the young child's reach.

It's being reported that the parents are being charged with felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and chemical endangerment of a child.

Handcuffs and cocaine

I really wish people would consider how much their actions affect their children. there is no excuse for putting this young child directly in the line of danger.

The sad thing is, it gets worse.

Fox News reports that the 2-year-old was overheated and dehydrated. They reported that the child also tested positive for cocaine at the hospital.

You can find out more information on this case by visiting Fox News. 


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