Has the trend gone too far?

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Growing up, there were plenty of trends that had my friends and I begging our parents to spend their money on things for us.

Giga Pets

What did parents do in the 90's when kids were too young to take care of a real animal? Kids received their very own virtual pets that tried to take care of around the clock with feedings, play time and more.


This trend has evolved over the years but it started in the 90s. The television show, th playing cards all took the world by storm.

Lava Lamp

I've never found out if these contained actual lava or not but they still looked cool. This was one trend in the 90s I never got a chance to experience first hand.

Kids these days have a new expensive trend that has people all over going above and beyond to be part of the crowd. Spoiler alert. It's just a cup.

Stanley cups are the talk of the nation with kids everywhere wanted to get their hands on one.


Generation Z has given this brand new life recently with their Tik Tok reviews and viral videos boosting the brand's footprint.

According to Yahoo Finance, a 16-year-old said that her parents spent close to $3,000 on Stanley cups for her. he young girl now has close to 70 different styles and colors all bought over the past year.

All I can think about is the resale value of those cups. They're selling online for a resale value of close to $400.

Could you ever spend this much money on a cup?

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