How dangerous is Alabama for our youth? With everything happening in Alabama, this study may be right on time.

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I'm sure we've all done some silly or dangerous things growing up. Sneaking out at night and going to a party, experimenting with matches, or simply hanging with that person you were told not to hang with. Some things just come with growing up and having new experiences.

It looks like kids growing up in Alabama may be experiencing a bit more than just the average things kids see as a youth. According to a recent Wallet Hub study, the youth in Alabama is the 4th most at-risk youth in the nation.

These are alarming results. According to Wallet Hub, to determine the places where young Americans are not faring as well as others in the same age group, they compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 15 key indicators of youth risk. Some of their data included Youth Poverty Rate, Youth Labor Force Participation Rate, as well as the percent of Overweight & Obese Youth.

Only three other states placed higher than Alabama in this study. Louisiana took the number one spot, Mississippi came in second, and Nevada ranked right above the Yellowhammer state.

Before I read the study myself, I thought it would be more about gun violence or incarceration. Seeing the results on Alabama's youth vaccination rate, percentage without a high school diploma and the youth poverty rate has me thinking in a whole new direction.

What can we do to combat these numbers? Do you think the youth today are worse off than we were in our day?

You can see the full study results from Wallet Hub by clicking this link. 



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