One of the things that can easily ruin your commute in Alabama besides construction on the roads is a speeding ticket.

David Lentz

We're all guilty of going a little too fast at times on the road but there are actually vehicles that rack up the most tickets for speeding in the state of Alabama.

Insurance Impact

Getting a speeding ticket is definitely something that will effect your car insurance. In Alabama, getting a speeding ticket may be a little more expensive than you think, when it comes to your car insurance.

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According to Yahoo Finance, getting just one speeding ticket in Alabama could cause your insurance premiums to increase by 20 percent from an average of $1,843 per year to $2,207 for a full coverage policy.

Let’s Look at the Vehicles Getting the Most Speeding Tickets 

According to Insurify, here is a look at what types of vehicles are getting the most speeding tickets.

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