Traffic in West Alabama seems to always be an issue.

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There are always multiple factors when it comes to West Alabama traffic. Silly drivers and road construction seem to always be a problem.

For those who hate road construction, it doesn't help that the Alabama Department of Transportation recently announced road closures that will last multiple weeks.

Rumored one of the most dangerous roads in West Alabama, 15th Street and 2nd Ave has seen its share of accidents. I've even had a few close calls near that intersection due to crazy drivers.

It seems that those crazy drivers are still out there.


A car was literally just sitting in the middle of the road!

The vehicle was there as if they were crossing the intersection to turn onto 15th Street but they were just stopped.

DreDay Townsquare Media
DreDay Townsquare Media

I tried to be empathetic and figured the car had broken down but no hazard lights were on and there were two people in the car just sitting there talking with each other.

At this point, traffic was backed up, there were no emergency vehicles around and I had to jump into the far lane to go around them. Luckily, the vehicles nearby allowed me to get over to pass.

Maybe I'm wrong and there was some kind of emergency, if not, it further goes t show how crazy some drivers are in West Alabama.

What's your wildest traffic story in West Alabama? Let me know by sending an email to

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