Alright, buckle up folks! Insurify, the Sherlock Holmes of car insurance comparisons, has gone undercover to uncover the rudest cities in each state based on, you guessed it, driver behavior! Get ready for a wild ride as we unveil which city takes the cake for rudeness in your neck of the woods.

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Picture this: you're cruising down the highway, minding your own business, when suddenly someone decides your lane is their personal drag strip.

Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race


Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone! Insurify's crack team of data scientists crunched the numbers from over 513 U.S. cities to pinpoint the trouble spots where rudeness behind the wheel runs rampant.

Now, we all know that one person who thinks a turn signal is just a suggestion, right? But did you know that in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, it's practically a way of life?


That's right, Tuscaloosa takes the cake for the rudest drivers in the Heart of Dixie! With a whopping 1.32% of drivers sporting violations on their record, that's a whole lot of folks who missed the memo on sharing the road.


Georgia State v Alabama
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But hey, let's cut 'em some slack. With the University of Alabama calling Tuscaloosa home, it's no wonder the streets are as packed as a frat house on game day. And let's not forget about the traffic jams that make rush hour feel like a never-ending tailgate party!


So, next time you find yourself stuck behind someone who's treating the road like their own personal race track, just remember: it's not personal, it's just Tuscaloosa! And hey, if all else fails, maybe invest in some bumper stickers that say, "Honk if you love manners!" After all, a little humor goes a long way when dealing with the rudest drivers in town.


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