Just when you thought you've seen it all in Tuscaloosa, someone goes and does the unthinkable.

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The other day I navigated my way through Tuscaloosa's 5 o'clock traffic and had to run to the gas station. While getting some gas, I decided to walk into the store to grab a drink.

Upon walking out, I noticed this particular gas station was a lot more packed than usual.

After pumping my gas and getting back into my vehicle, I noticed an older woman walking toward the doors of the gas station.

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The woman looked to be in her early to mid 50's and fresh off of work. She still had on her restaurant uniform.

Out of no where, a BMW SUV begins to back up and nearly runs the woman over!

I was in shock at what I had just seen.


Usually, when something like this happens, the driver comes out and apologizes because it was an obvious mistake.

In this situation, the driver got out of the car, scanned their card and begin pumping their gas.


How could someone be so careless, and disrespectful to not only almost hurt someone, but act like nothing ever happened.

No apology, no signs of remorse, and almost a facial expression of pride as they exited their vehicle.

Vladimir Mucibabic

I'm glad the woman wasn't injured by the BMW and I truly hope some people in Tuscaloosa can be better human beings at the end of the day.

What if that were your mother, grandmother or aunt?

Please do better.

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