It's officially the summer and everyone is outside. Are people still wearing their masks?

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I remember going into my favorite Walmart here in Tuscaloosa and forgetting my mask in the car. It was around the time when more and more people were coming outside and the mask mandate was no longer mandatory. It was around April of 2020. At this point, I was sick and tired of wearing a mask. I wore mine when I had to go inside of buildings and at work but I hated it. When I didn't have my mask on, I could feel people looking at me crazy inside the store. Lol!

Even though I hated it, I still wore it to protect others and myself and others around me. Except for those few times when I forgot it. Now that wearing masks is no longer mandatory inside buildings, I've stopped wearing mine . I'm wondering how many other people in Tuscaloosa aren't wearing masks.

I can say right now I see a lot more people not wearing their masks inside of buildings. Are they just tired of wearing masks too? Does this mean they don't care about contracting the virus?

I don't think it's that deep. People can just be tired of wearing a mask and care about the virus at the same time.

Do you look at people funny when you see them without a mask? Are you requiring your guests to wear a mask when you invite them over to your house?

I really think that most of Tuscaloosa are done wearing masks. I'm not here to argue if it's right or wrong, but I'd like to know for sure. Is anyone in Tuscaloosa, Alabama still wearing a mask?

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