What makes a place charming to you? You could already know which town in Alabama made the list.

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This summer there will be plenty of people taking a trip over to the Gulf shores. While you're in Baldwin County, you could make a stop at this Alabama town that happens to be one of the nation's most charming towns.

Imagine you enjoying a nice day at the beach and stopping at Magnolia Springs. This Alabama town is known as a successful mix of Southern and Northern, of native-born and transplant, epitomizes the “New South” yet, at the same time, glories in the true application of the phrase “Southern hospitality.”

 The 23 Most Charming Towns in America were compiled by 24/7 Wall St. Media Network's 24/7 Tempo and featured Alabama's, Magnolia Springs. The site even gives some information about the name's origin and some of the famed plants that grow there.
Magnolia Springs gets its name from its many magnolia trees and from the natural springs on both sides of the Magnolia River. Its charms are accentuated by its camellia, azalea, wisteria, and dogwood blossoms.
Towns in Louisiana, my home state of Florida, and even Alaska made the list of charming towns. The most charming town ended up being in South Carolina. It's a place with a population of 13,404 and is said to define southern charm. Beaufort, South Carolina is the most charming town in the USA. 
If you had the power to choose any Alabama town to be the most charming, what town would it be?


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