Since 2013, Yo Gotti has been cementing his position in hip-hop as the founder and top executive of his CMG record label. He's experienced 25 years in the game so far—his first album, Youngsta's On a Come Up, debuted in 1996—as both an artist and label exec. Now, he's celebrating one of his biggest career milestones with a new CMG label partnership with Interscope Records by gracing the digital cover of XXL magazine.

"I think this a good move for me," the 40-year-old businessman tells XXL. "I think this a brilliant move for them. I think with this partnership, as far as I see it in my eyes, and the streets see it, and I think Interscope see it, we gon’ come in here in the next few years and, you know, be the biggest label and create the biggest partnership in music."

Photographed by Johnny Tergo at the Smilez mansion in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles in May, Yo Gotti's drip for the cover includes a custom suit designed by Richfresh, Christian Dior sneakers, a Richard Mille watch and his artists' iced-out chains. During his cover story interview, Gotti expresses why it's important to share the spotlight with his CMG team, which consists of artists Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta, Blocboy JB, 42 Dugg, EST Gee and Big Boogie.

"CMG, we the brand that break brands," the Memphis native says. "You know, I look at all my artists like, you know, they my business partnas. And if they have brands, I support that, you know I’m saying? We all a team. Whatever my artists with, that’s what I’m with, you nah mean? Whatever my partnas with, that’s what I’m with. That’s how I am rocking, that’s how I was raised, that’s how I was taught. I wore these chains today on this cover ’cause I think it’s important to me that if I’m closing big deals, they closing big deals. We all closing big deals."

Gotti is the plug, delivering his artists' music to the masses. "These chains represent all my artists," he continues. "They represent all my partnas. One of these chains represents EST Gee. I got Bread Gang up under here for Moneybagg Yo, I got Heavy Camp on here for Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy JB on here, CMG on here, NLess on here. I’m just rocking all the chains ’cause anybody that’s at the table with us, that’s what I’m representing on this cover. Look at me as the plug. I’m just a plug, you know I’m saying?"

Watch Yo Gotti's XXL magazine digital cover interview and read the complete conversation, in which he touts CMG as "the next Cash Money," discusses the impact of Birdman, Slim and Jay-Z, and reveals what he looks for in artists he wants to sign, below.

yo gotti xxl magazine cover
Johnny Tergo for XXL

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Yo Gotti at the Smilez mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

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