Anyone In Alabama Know How To Get Your Taste & Smell Back?

After joining many help groups and asking friends. It may be time to just ask residents in Alabama how I can get my taste and smell back after COVID-19.

It's almost been a year since I lost my sense of taste and smell due to COVID. Believe it or not, I've never tested positive for the virus but after almost a year, I'm sure it had to be. I've slightly lost my sense of taste and smell before when I've had a bad cold but after the cold went away, they both came back.

July 4th weekend back in 2020, my parents were in town and I had a slight cold. I thought nothing of it especially since I didn't have a fever or any serious symptoms. Right before they got in town, I got tested for COVID-19 to be sure and the test came back negative. when my taste and smell disappeared, I just assumed it was a cold. After weeks of not getting my senses back, I realized it couldn't have been just a cold.

Here I am almost a year later, and four COVID-19 tests have been completed and non were positive. I have no reason why, but I just assume I've had the virus.

I've recently been researching how to get back my sense of taste and smell back. I've looked at so many youtube videos and one I've found really made me want to try this message. It's all about olfactory training. This is something I've never heard of but after watching this video, I'm willing to try it!


This is what I'm trying for about a week and I'll see if it helps. Right now my smell and taste aren't completely gone but it's not even at 50%. I'd love to know if anyone else has experienced this and how you're working on getting your smell and taste back.

Did you even lose your taste or smell? If so, how long was it gone? Let me know on our free app!

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