A$AP Bari’s controversial statement about people having sex with both men and women is raising plenty of eyebrows.

On Monday (Jan. 25), A$AP Bari hopped on his Instagram Story and decided to share his thoughts on down-low men—or men who have not been forthcoming about their homosexual status to women.

“I love gay ppl by the way I hate low key gay niggas who deal with females but on the low date guys,” he wrote in one panel. “Stay True to urself and others.”

In the next Instagram post, Bari wrote, “Y’all females better watch out from These low key gay niggas[.] Y’all better stop going through nigga texts and start looking at they pornhub Lol[.] Fucking girls and guys was never cool.”

Bari’s homophobic remarks caused a stir on social media. In the comment section of a post on Twitter regarding the streetwear designer’s statement, people had a lot to say about it.

"Damn he just said fuck you bisexual niggas," tweeted one person along with crying face emoji. "On the real, something is really wrong with this man."

Another commenter wrote, "I know A$AP Bari isn't telling females who to stay away from," and added two crying face emojis.

It’s unclear what prompted A$AP Bari to share his homophobic statement. The Vlone brand designer is reportedly attending Paris Fashion Week this week.

Fans who took offense to Bari’s comments also mentioned the A$AP Mob member's criminal past, to which he pleaded to a charge three years ago.

In January of 2019, Bari pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault. That case stems from a video that surfaced online in July of 2017, which purportedly featured him slapping a woman on her butt and demanding oral sex from her.

Bari was subsequently arrested and charged with sexual assault in the U.K.— allegations that Bari had vehemently denied. In addition to his guilty plea, Bari was also ordered to pay the victim £2,000 ($2,268) and hit with a restraining order that prohibited him from contacting the victim.

See more reactions to A$AP Bari's posts below.

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