Azealia Banks went off on Iggy Azalea, saying Iggy has become the exact type of single mom the Aussie rapper thought her skin color would protect her from becoming.

On Tuesday (June 7), Azealia Banks hit up her often-controversial Twitter account with a series of tweets aimed at other females within the rap game. During the course of a few back-and-forth conversations with Twitter users about artists like Cardi B, who Azealia Banks thinks is an industry plant, the "212" rapper's attention was directed toward Iggy Azalea.

Iggy Azalea's name entered the chatter when a Twitter user, who goes by @kvngsir, questioned Banks for saying that she respects Cardi B for her hustle despite Azealia's belief that Bardi is an industry plant.

"But yet you don't like Iggy?" @kvngsir wrote. "At least she cares enough to actually create her own artistry rather than have YT men make her sound and image to be a pawn against other artists."

That's when Banks popped off about Iggy in her response to the Twitter user. She implied that regardless of the opportunities the 2012 XXL Freshman has had in the music industry, Banks believes Iggy has reduced herself to simply being a single mom with relationship issues.

"Sis really was supposed to use T.I. for whatever he was worth, drop the blaccent, give 'Fancy' and a slew of other Kesha-type joints, the give fashion mogul Victoria Beckham kunt," wrote Banks. "But she's giving the single mom thing she really thought whiteness would shield her from. Damn."

From there, the Twitter user accused Azealia Banks of switching up the conversation to avoid seeming like the stance she was taking was hypocritical.

"What does house music have to do with anything?" @kvngsir replied. "I was referring to writing her music. Don't change the subject to fit a narrative."

In response, Banks said that she isn't interested in Iggy Azalea's music enough to continue the conversation and that she's only familiar with some of Iggy's bigger hits. The "Ice Princess" spitter also took the opportunity to give herself a pat on the back, claiming she bodied Iggy's "My World" beat.

"I really don't listen to her music enough to know," replied Banks. "I wouldn't care if she wrote it or not. None of it moves me. I know 'Fancy" bc of Charli [XCX]. And I remember that 'My World' shit ’cause I Deborah Cox'd that beat and bodied it, but that's y'all girl."

Banks' comments about Iggy Azalea being a single mother are obviously in reference to Iggy's well-documented issues with the father of her son, Playboi Carti. Back in April, Iggy took heavy exception to Carti mentioning that he takes care of the mother of his son in XXL's Spring 2022 issue. At the time, Iggy said that Playboi Carti speaks so poorly to her that she stopped all direct contact with him.

True to form, Banks has been pulling zero punches whatsoever since her notorious Twitter account was reactivated back in April. Just last month, the Broke With Expense Taste rapper seemingly implied that Megan Thee Stallion faked getting shot by Tory Lanez in a marketing ploy that was orchestrated by Jay-Z.

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