Dreams do come true. At the age of 12, Baby Money envisioned himself as a famous rapper in the future, and never let up. He grew artistically in a hyper-competitive Detroit music scene. His commitment and self-belief paid off over time. Especially around 2021, when his popularity began to pick up, thanks to the single, "Moncler Bubble," and the project Young N***a, Old Soul. Baby Money is a sharp, technical rapper with a good sense of humor who spits about making money and showing off as if it's second nature. His style feels reminiscent of Detroit rap's early days, but his always-updated flows bring him into the present.

The noise he made locally in his hometown of Detroit began to translate past the city's borders, which put him on the radar of Atlanta rap powerhouse indie label Quality Control Music. At the level Baby Money was rising to, there were plenty of record labels that wanted him on their team. While being clear with their intentions, QC met the rap newcomer where he was at. That base of trust, along with Baby Money respecting the label's reputation for promoting artists to an applauded level in the music industry, sealed the deal. Baby Money's contract with QC was announced in January of this year, and Easy Money, his debut project with the label, dropped the following month.

It felt like the new deal powered him up, as the time between the 2022 efforts Easy Money and New Money, which arrived last week, showcased clear growth. Now, Baby Money sounds more comfortable and is fully embracing his path. At the end of the day, his pre-teen dream turned into reality, with one of the more-storied rap labels behind him.

Ahead of his most recent project, Baby Money checked in for The Break: Live to talk about his come up. Check out the interview below.

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"Moncler Bubble"

"Thinking Out Loud"

"Get Dangerous"

New Money

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