I know that my friends and family get sick of me when planning a trip. When it comes to booking a place to stay, you can bet that I’m going to ask, “DOES IT HAVE A VIEW?” Yes, I’m that girl. I live for a GOOD! VIEW! It gives me life.

Smith Lake in Alabama is filled with gorgeous views. There is a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired showhome that you just have to check out. Apparently, it is a high-demand property by the reviews I have checked out. One visitor even said it was a “WOW” house.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

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Less than 3 hours away from Tuscaloosa, I’m interested! So, now the most important question (to me) - “DOES IT HAVE A VIEW?” Yes!!!! There are so many; I lost count. Click HERE to head to the airbnb listing and book your vacation now.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Smith Lake Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Smith Lake Home 

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