Bobby Shmurda said that he won’t be making drill music because he refuses to be a "minion."

On Saturday (Aug. 6), Bobby Shmurda jumped on his Instagram page and posted a clip of YouTube personality BashWorld reacting to his new music video for "Hoochie Daddy." In the snippet, BashWorld loved Bobby's visual because it's "a vibe" but couldn't figure out how to categorize it. Is it a rap song? Is it a pop song? Is it a house song?

According to Bobby, there's no need to categorize him. "Don't ever try to put me in a category or in a box you gonna hurt your head," he wrote in the caption of his IG post. "I do what Yall haters cant #Nahimsaying," he continued along with three tears of joy emojis.

"I don't do drill, I won't ever be A minion Rrrrr," he added along with another tears of joy emoji and a lion emoji. "And they can't clone me really one of a kind," Bobby concluded with the prayer hands, dancing man, gorilla, heart of fire, a lion and fire emojis.

Bobby Shmurda remarks come just days after he released his second EP, Bodboy, on Aug. 5. The LP boasts guest appearances from Houston rapper Fat Tony and Shmurda's longtime collaborator Rowdy Rebel. The track "Hoochie Daddy" is the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper's flip of 2 Live Crew's 1995 tune "Hoochie Mama." So clearly, Bobby is embracing his wild and fun-loving persona with the song.

Despite his new sound, Bobby has said that he’s already being compared to hip-hop greats like Jay-Z, DMX, Diddy and 50 Cent.

Watch YouTube Personality BashWorld React to Bobby Shmurda’s "Hoochie Daddy" Video Below

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