There is always that one employee that ignores the bosses orders at work. Imagine your boss telling you to stay home due to COVID-19 risks. You ignore it and show up to work only to be greeted by a punch!

That is exactly what happened at a construction company in Yamagata, Japan. Worldwide, we're trying to do what we can to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. After an employee in his 20's went on a trip to another city on his day off, his 46 year old manager told him to stay home to prevent possibly spreading the virus to other employees. That employee ignored the manager and came to work following his trip and the manager disciplined him on sight! The 46 year old manager punched the employee in the face and was arrested as a result.

I don't condone hitting your employees, but I appreciate the sentiment behind the action. I can only imagine the manager was angry,  and frustrated at how careless the employee was for not only going on the trip and putting himself at risk, but coming back to work to potentially spread the deadly virus to other innocent workers. If I was working at this construction company, I'd definitely know that my manager would fight for me. Literally and figuratively lol!


(Source)- To read the full story on Sora News 24 click here.

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