Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama Alumni Reunion

It's nothing like some warm weather, good bar-b-que, and smiling faces. That's exactly what I saw at the reunion.

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The West Alabama Boys & Girls Club held their Alumni Reunion event today and it was amazing. The kids were running around enjoying each other, and the alumni members were sharing stories and catching up with each other.

When I first walked up, I was greeted by the welcoming staff and they were too excited to introduce me to the kids. The first thing they said was "You're DreDay?! You're the guy on the radio?!!" They were so shocked! Lol! This was all in between bites of their barbeque from Dreamland.

I had fun recording things with them and learning all about what they like to do for fun and how much they love the radio station. Things like this are what it's all about. Getting out and touching the community.

The alumni members spent most of the time catching up and sharing stories with each other. I'd imagine there was a lot to catch up on. The former CEO Mack Reid was even there enjoying time with some of his former Boys & Girls Club Members.


Back home in Florida, I spent a lot of time at the Boys & Girls Club. I met so many lifelong friends and had so many memorable experiences while there. I know firsthand how impactful a caring staff, safe atmosphere, and exposure to different activities can be to kids. I'm glad to see events like this alumni reunion and hope to be back at the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama soon.

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