Cassidy has been accusing Tory Lanez of stealing his bars and now Cass is going at the Toronto rapper on wax.

On Sunday (Aug. 1), Cass released the Tory Lanez diss track "Perjury." The new song finds the Philadelphia rapper taking direct shots at Tory. "I got boy heated, that Canadian bacon," Cas raps, referencing Tory's Canadian heritage.

"What I write about make my bars hard to bite/Bars keeping still you keep stealing all the bars you write/Fuck all the hype you been a bitch all your life/But will shoot a chick push you Eddie in Harlem Nights," Cassidy later rhymes in the song, referencing Tory being accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion last year.

Elsewhere on the chorus-less song, Cass continues to accuse Tory of jacking lines. "Bitch, you think we dumb, you ain't from where we from/Canada got free health care, you gonna need some/It's stolen bars in all the records that he done/None of his shit original, shit's pitiful," he spits. You can listen to the track at the bottom of this post.

This beef kicked off last month, when Cass called out Tory after Tory did a freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's radio show. Cass posted a video on Instagram with several examples of the Toronto artist spitting lines that are eerily similar to bars Cassidy has previously rapped. "I’m @torylanez favorite rapper. Ain’t no denying that 👀👂🏾. Show me the respect I deserve," Cass captioned the clips.

Tory responded, saying he was only trying to pay homage. "I guess this is what happens when you try to pay homage," Lanez wrote on Instagram. "The first freestyle I shouted ya name out because you did inspire me. The second one I went on YOUR beat. Sh*t is sad how you old niggas be mad at the young niggas for not showing love then when we do...we get responses like this."

tory lanez responds to bar stealing accusations from cassidy
ToryLanez via Instagram

During a recent interview with the Hip Hop Uncensored podcast, Cass talked about the situation. "Pay homage and let niggas know I'm the reason why you sound and rap like that," he snapped. "Don't just fuckin' rap on my beat. And I don't need no fuckin' shout-outs from niggas. I ain't never asked for no shout-outs."

It looks like Cass felt like he had to take the situation to wax. Tory Lanez has yet to respond on social media.

Listen to Cassidy's diss track "Perjury" aimed at Tory Lanez below.

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