I love living in the Yellowhammer state. West and Central Alabama are filled with so many unique places. Wherever I have lived, I’ve always enjoyed exploring, especially in Alabama. Did I mention that I am glad to be back in Alabama?

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Here is part one of the places I love visiting when it’s springtime in West Central Alabama. You can check them out solo, with a significant other, or as a family. Let me know if you do get to visit these amazing locations. Hit me on IG @MaryKRadio 

 Annette N. Shelby Park

I am counting down the days to the time change and warmer weather. Why? I can’t wait to get my “walk-on” at Annette N. Shelby Park, located at 1614 15th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.  This walking paradise was super clean; folks were practicing social distancing, super comfy benches along the walking path, and there was great parking.  It is such a cute park, and this is a walker’s paradise because the walking trails are pretty level and free of debris. Also, great for kids since there is a pretty nifty playground as well.

Are you looking for a quick outdoor lunch date? This park is perfect. Grab Mr. Chen’s to-go from down the street and head to the park. Sit under a tree, chat about life, dine on some of the best Chinese ever, and then head back to work.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

I like anything shiny, and that includes things that are fast and shiny. Time spent at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham is time well spent. It is stacked with so much history and so many things that go fast. Museum hours from “October 1st until March 31st are Monday – Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm. Sunday’s from Noon to 5 pm. From April 1st until September 30th are Monday – Saturday from 10 am until 6 pm. Sunday’s from Noon to 6 pm.” Be sure to call head to ticketing information. BTW, I love going on Sundays.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is peaceful. That is why it makes my list of most loved things to do in West and Central Alabama, plus it offers free admission. A typical adventure at Birmingham Botanical Gardens includes pop-up chairs (I don’t believe in sitting on the ground), cute to-go lunch from Savage’s Bakery & Deli (which must consist of an orange roll), a good book, and great company. 

It is “a cherished place of respite and inspiration for more than 55 years, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is open to all, and we look forward to your visit. Fall/Winter Hours (Nov. 1–March 13) are 7 am to 5 pm every day of the week.” I am particularly fond of the rose garden. Click here to find out what it is in bloom.

Driving Down Fraternity Row

If you want some good eye candy, Ladies, take a drive or stroll down fraternity row at the University of Alabama. A few weeks ago, when the weather turned super warm, we headed to catch some sun and good vibes. We ended up at Buffalo Phil’s for a quick bite. It was delicious. I also noticed there was a plethora of eye candy out on campus too. The fraternity fellas were out sunbathing. I appreciated the views.

Peach Park

One word can describe Peach Park. Amazing! It’s a quick drive to Clanton, Alabama. The reason why it makes my favorite things to do list in the springtime is a perfect short drive to some of the best homemade ice cream and cobbler. Also, they invite you “lunch on the deck overlooking the gardens as the kids play in the playground.” The blooms in spring are mesmerizing. It also makes for beautiful spring selfies. 

(Source) Click here for more information about Annette N. Shelby Park. Click here for more information about Mr. Chen’s. Click here for more information about Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. Click here for more information about Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Click here for more information on Savages Bakery and Deli.  Click here for more information about Buffalo Phil’s. Click here for more information about Peach Park.

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