In one of the biggest events to happen over the weekend, Chancee's Wellness Spa has decided to close its doors indefinitely.

As COVID-19 still runs rampant and businesses are concerned about staying afloat, wisdom is one of the greatest assets to have.  Unfortunately, the hatred of some far surpasses common sense.

The latest in a series of inappropriate posts on social media came as a result of a protest that was an inconvenience to motorists.

There have been many other instances before this one.

In one rant, she made fun of an immigrant who did not speak English and said he should at least learn "our language."

First of all, it takes a lot of courage for someone to leave his native land in favor of another country where he knows he could be looked down upon just to be able to work and provide for his family.

We do know that this is what many immigrants do, right?   They leave their loved ones and work jobs that many won't take just to be able to take care of those loved ones.

To add to that, while the United States has no official language, English isn't even in the top ten languages easiest to learn for those with Spanish as a first language. As a matter of fact, researchers say it's one of the most difficult languages for non-native speakers to learn. Source.

However, those with genealogy leading back to such countries where English is the primary language apparently deem themselves as "better." Never mind the fact that the first settlement in the United States was by the Spanish, who undoubtedly brought their language with them. Never the less, I digress.

When many who'd previously supported Chancee's Wellness Spa became aware of her true feelings, they immediately decided that the wellness of her business would not benefit from their support.

Apparently, some took it a bit farther as owner Chancee Terry either completely deleted her social media accounts or put them on lockdown and released the following statement via email:

Credit: Email from Chancee's Wellness Spa
Credit: Email from Chancee's Wellness Spa

It's a sad reality when you realize the person who called on you to help her business grow only concerned herself with that... Making her business grow. The "wellness" indicated in the spa's name apparently doesn't apply to all.

If you were a customer and you're looking for a new service provider, you're in luck!

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