Since moving to Tuscaloosa, there is something I've seen far too many times. A recent reply on my Instagram has me wondering if it's linked to human trafficking.

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I've been in Tuscaloosa going on three years. Whenever I'm driving around the city, I always spot cars without a license plate.

This is something that just wouldn't fly back home in Florida. I'm not talking about people having paper tags or even a sign saying "Tag applied for," I see cars with no tags at all. And they seem to be driving around not worried about anything.

It's gotten so bad that I post on my Instagram stories every time I see it. My followers have gotten used to seeing it themselves, sadly. I'm posting people with no tags so often that people that follow me have started to offer reasons why those individuals may be "riding dirty" as Chamillionaire would say.

One explanation, in particular, started to make sense and has me wondering. Could those be vehicles involved in human trafficking?

I'm no expert in spotting or recognizing human trafficking victims or participants, but the message "I got from one of my followers made sense.

"A lot of them do drive without the plates. Can’t be tracked with no plates. You know?"

I was completely mind-blown the more I thought it.

I don't want to accuse potentially innocent people, but this definitely sounds reasonable. Everyone with no plates can't be involved in human trafficking, but the reasoning provided by my Instagram followers makes sense.

What do you think?

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