DaBaby is always willing to entertain his fans by any means necessary, especially those in his hometown of Charlotte, N.C.

After plane difficulties prevented him from making it to a Charlotte venue for a Thursday night (Dec. 5) performance, DaBaby tried to make up for it by performing via FaceTime. In videos recorded by fans, we can see the North Carolina artist on an iPhone that's projected on the main screens up on stage. He remained on the line with his loyal fans while performing songs like "Suge."

The 2019 XXL Freshman, who dropped his Kirk album back in September, was scheduled to perform at the Bojangles Coliseum for Power 98's Winter Block Party. While en route to Charlotte from New York, the jet that was supposed to bring DaBaby home reportedly had maintenance issues that prevented the aircraft from taking off.

"DEAR, CHARLOTTE," DaBaby wrote in an Instagram post he uploaded the morning after his FaceTime performance. "Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to make it my show in my OWN. city last night‍♂️. Paid extra for a jet just to make sure this type of shit wouldn’t happen. Although Baby a firm believer in everything happening for a reason I can’t get over the fact that I let my fans(FAMILY) down by not being able to make it."

See what DaBaby has to say about the situation below.

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