Ok so I can't be the only who's being affected by Daylight Savings. Don't lie! Don't leave me here all alone sleepy by the time 5pm comes around and wondering "It's almost midnight! Why am I still at work?" Unless of course you work the nightshift.


I really have no scientific explanation for Daylight Savings time but according to a quick Google, it's "to make better use of daylight." My body seems to disagree a lot with this being a better use of daylight.


As a kid, I loved this time of year! We'd get an extra hour of sleep, or get an extra hour in the club or at parties, it was fun! As an adult at work, this extra hour hurts lol! I'm not alone in this either.




I will say that I don't hate Daylight savings Time, it just takes some time to get used to. I think I'll be used to it some time in 2020. It'll probably right when we set our clocks forward an hour smh!


Let me know how Daylight Savings has been treating you. Do you like it?

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