Do People In Alabama Put Sugar In Their Spaghetti?

This has been a question I've heard for years. does sugar go in spaghetti?

I've heard of people putting sugar in their spaghetti for years. I've never been the one to do this. It always seemed so crazy to me. Who on earth wants to eat sweet spaghetti?!

I approached this like my oldest brother. "When you add sugar to it, it becomes a dessert." I just couldn't imagine doing it. I always thought that the moment I drop a grain of sugar in spaghetti, my grandmother, great-grandmother, and mother would automatically appear and slap the plate of spaghetti out of my hand.

This week, my wife cooked her famous spaghetti and I couldn't wait to get home to get a plate. I ended up eating dinner late last night and was on social media while I was fixing my plate. I came across a tweet talking about how crazy people are who put sugar on their spaghetti.

As I read the thread, I learned that the sugar isn't to make it sweet, it's to cut the acidity of the tomatoes in the sauce. I also read that Italians actually put sugar in their spaghetti sauce. that was enough for me!

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I went to my cabinet and grabbed the bag of brown sugar. I sprinkled a little onto my spaghetti and heated up the plate. It was the best spaghetti I've ever had! I was so shocked! Lol.

I'm not one to try and sway anyone to put sugar in their spaghetti. Continue to eat it the way you like. My question is, does anyone in Alabama eat sugar in their spaghetti?

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