Northport seems to be welcoming new businesses to the area multiple times per month. I'm sure the citizens of Northport don't mind at all. Many have begun speculating what will be in this Northport building.

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post in a group about a potential new business in town. There is a building in the city of Northport that used to hold a Furniture Warehouse. It seems there has been some activity at that building after the Furniture Warehouse has permanently closed.

Northport has been recently seeing newcomers to the city quite often. Earlier this month, they welcomed Guthrie's to the city.


In a Northport Facebook group, members are interested to find out what will come to the old Furniture Warehouse. I have to admit, I got a little excited when I read that it would become an indoor shooting range.

Dollar General and Jack's were all mentioned as possible occupants of the building. One comment, in particular, seemed to be the correct answer. It was mentioned multiple times that a company called WhiteSky would be the new occupants. Whitesky Communications specializes in providing internet, voice, video, and cable television for multi-unit housing developments.

The ultimate nail in the coffin for the indoor shooting range idea was a comment from Northport City Councilman Jeff Hogg. Hogg confirmed in the comments that Whitesky Communications will in fact use that space as a warehouse.

I'm kind of stuck on this indoor shooting range idea now. Where would be a great location for one of those? Do they even exist in the area? Let me know inside the chat feature of our free app.

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