Time is fluid, possessing both the ability to be a tool that either helps or hurts. For Finesse2tymes, the Memphis rapper whose pointed and intricate rap flows made him a standout artist in a packed scene, time explains it all. Making music since the 2010s, Finesse2tymes already had local traction in Memphis, coming up alongside acts like Blac Youngsta and Moneybagg Yo and being part of a crew with them called Memphis Greatest Underrated. The group even released an EP of the same name in 2019. While on the rise, Finesse had a local signature song, "Goin' Straight In," that same year. The stream-of-consciousness track centers on women, fly fashion and getting money.

Unfortunately for Finesse, he didn't get to experience that moment as a free man. In 2017, he was caught with a gun and was later sentenced on a federal weapons charge in 2018. Already a felon, he went on to serve five years in prison. A club shooting in Little Rock, Ark. that he was present for a week after his original arrest didn't help matters, even though he wasn't charged with anything pertaining to that tragedy, which hurt over 24 people.

Even while locked up, he maintained his relevance, Finesse2tymes continued to drop new projects and videos of him rapping in prison circulated the internet. Freed in July of this year, the rapper used his time behind bars to work on his rhymes and commit even further to finding success through that avenue. A sharp and to-the-point rapper, he's not a frenetic wordsmith; everything feels measured and precise. Packed with an authenticity that can't be bought and the hunger of a new rapper, Finesse2tymes came out swinging. Signing to J Prince Jr.'s Mob Ties, the artist dropped several tracks this year, starting with "Get Even," which is at 30 million views on YouTube.

"Back End," a release that went viral this past October, may be the track that truly got him over the hump. "It's cool when they do it/It's a problem when I do it, fuck 'em" turned into a TikTok sensation, sending the Memphis street rapper directly to people who weren't previously aware of him. At 31 million YouTube views, it sets the stage for some of his other tracks like "Gucci Flow" featuring Wop himself, along with "Humble."

Finesse2tymes signed to Atlantic Records in October, and released his major label debut mixtape, 90 Days, last Friday. He chose that title because he has changed his reality in just 90 days, from signing the deal, to releasing big songs, to easing previous tension he had with Moneybagg Yo, reuniting two old friends.

In the most recent episode of XXL's The Break: Live, Finesse2tymes recounts pushing through tough times, adjusting to his newfound fame and sticking to rap. Check out the interview below.

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"Get Even"

"Back End"

"Black Visa" featuring Moneybagg Yo

90 Days

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