Ok, this question might seem odd, but I think it's a logical thing to ask. What card games do Alabamians play?

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After almost 2 years in Alabama, I've only been to one cookout. Of course, the whole year of 2020 is kind of non-existent due to the pandemic and a whole lockdown. Usually, at cookouts, you experience the essence of the real people of the city.

You'll quickly find out who can cook, who can't cook. There's always someone who is banned from bringing food they cooked, they always have to pick up something from the store. A lot of times, that's the person that can't cook. Lol!

At a cookout, you'll also see which family members love to have a good time. I'll just leave that description there. No need to go any further about them. Just know they might get a little loud and abruptly end the event or have to go home early.

At cookouts, you also get to play games with family and friends. Most importantly, card games. Growing up, my card game of choice was spades or tunk. Traditionally, spades were always the game that got a little rowdy. If you're playing the right people, a game of tunk could get crazy too.

My mom and grandparents used to play gin rummy or "Rummy" as some people called it. I'm wondering, what card games do people in Alabama typically play? Are they the exact same games I played growing up or are there others?

What's you're favorite card game to play at the function?


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