Days after being admitted into the ICU, French Montana remains there.

On Monday morning (Nov. 24), the "Writing on the Wall" rapper shared an update from his hospital bed. As he panned the room in a video showing an IV in his arm and a dry erase board that read "manage pain," French revealed he still had not been discharged.

"6 days in icu," the Bronx rapper wrote with a prayer hands emoji.

French was reportedly admitted to the San Fernando Valley Hospital on Thursday night (Nov. 21), so if that's the case, it actually means it's been nearly four days since he was admitted rather than the six days he mentions in this tweet. The rapper had been experiencing cardiac issues and intense nausea at his home and ended up being taken into the hospital after cops showed up for what ended up being a false alarm for a robbery.

As previously reported, one of French's neighbors was under the belief that the rapper's house was being burglarized, so they called the police. When cops arrived, there was no robber to be found, but they did find that French was experiencing some major health issues. They ended up calling 911 and had him taken to the nearest hospital where he's remained in ICU ever since.

French was expected to be released the next day after receiving IV fluids, but that is obviously no longer the case. It remains unclear what the rapper is actually suffering from, though folks have been speculating that he may have been exposed to contaminated food during his recent trips to Europe and his home country of Morocco in Africa. However, issues related to contaminated food usually don't persist as long as French has been showing symptoms so it may be a deeper issue.

French is expected to deliver his third studio album, Montana, this month.

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