Alabama is known for many things throughout history but have you heard about the many haunting tales around the state?

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Not just Alabama, but many southern states have their share of ghost stories and sightings of spirits.

Have you ever heard of Georgia's Lake Lanier?

That is one place in the peach state that I will never go to. I wouldn't even cross the nearby bridge close to the lake.

There have been so many stories I've heard from my close friends who grew up in Georgia about that lake specifically. The golden rule is basically to stay away from Lake Lanier.

If you've never heard exactly why people choose to stay away from Lake Lanier, a college buddy of mine even made a TikTok video explaining why.

After watching that video I started to wonder if his page had any urban legends about the state of Alabama. Within minutes of scrolling, I found it.

The video talked about places in Huntsville, and Gadsden.

Have you ever heard the terrifying story of the Witch of Hinds Road?


According to the video, this urban legend there is a woman who is said to have sold her soul to the devil, and her soul still haunts the wooded road in Gadsden.

There are even stories about a blood lake near the road and tales of cults holding rituals there at night.

This road just looks like creepy things happen here.


Another spooky urban legend involves the city of Huntsville.

A place is known as the dead children's playground close to the Maple Hill Cemetary

The video states that people believe the spirits of children buried in the Maple Hill cemetery come to the playground to play. Swings moving by themselves, orbs and other figures appearing are just some of the things people have said to encounter at the playground.

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If you're feeling brave or just want to go hunt some ghosts yourself, these are said to be places where you may find them.

Do you know of any other places in Alabama that are haunted?

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