It's time to start planning those Halloween trick-or-treat routes for the kids.


There are a few things that parents may be worried about when it comes to Halloween night activities.

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The first question or thought normally involves the safety of the children. Usually, you think about people putting things inside of candy and you get really nervous about having your kids eat candy from strangers.

Another thing you may worry about on Halloween night is dangerous pranks.

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A lot of people tend to want to do pranks that they may not deem as dangerous or a physical threat to others, but they are definitely not safe. You want to make sure you're watching out for people jumping out of bushes or people who may be wielding weapons trying to scare children or even adults.

Have you ever thought about the actual route that your kids will take while going trick or treating?

Do you know the people who live in those neighborhoods?

I had the idea of searching trick-or-treating routes for known sex offenders in Alabama. The results were shocking.

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I put in my home address. There were six sex offenders near our home.

One even lives three blocks away from my home address.

Needless to say, this had me very nervous. But luckily my kids will not be going trick or treating in our neighborhood this year.

What about other parents in Tuscaloosa? The best thing you can do is make yourself aware.

According to the ALEA, sex offenders are responsible for notifying local law enforcement of any changes in residency or employment. Each year, during the offender's birth month and every three months thereafter, the offender must report in person to local law enforcement for registration.

Luckily, you can search on the Alabama law enforcement agency sex offender registry.

The last thing we want to do on a night that's supposed to be fun for kids and adults is to put our children in danger. This information isn't meant to scare you, it's meant to make you better prepared for Halloween night.

See if your Halloween trick-or-treating route has sex offenders around by clicking here to go to ALEA's sex offender registry.

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