There comes a time in a man's life where he may not feel like a man at all. That moment came for me this week and I'm completely fine with it.

After I finished my show this week, I was sitting in my office knocking out some work. I'm the type of person that can't work in silence. I either listen to music on Youtube while working or I'll listen to an interview. This time I was listening to an interview.

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Ten minutes into the interview and I heard a strange noise. I immediately paused the interview to see if I heard it again. I DID! It sounded like a candy wrapper or something. All I know is it wasn't me, nor the video. That means something was in my office and I didn't know what it could be. I asked zero questions. I got up and ran out of the office.

When I finally got the courage to walk back to my office, I get to the door and I see something peek out of the corner. I don't even know what I saw but it scared me and I ran, again! After the second time running away, I found myself walking around the building stalling. I was also giving myself a pep talk. I said,

"Come on Dre'! You're a man! BE A MAN! Don't run away scared, go find out what it is!"


I went back and found out it was a mouse. I almost passed out! At this point, I didn't feel like a man at all but it was ok. I was comfortable with the fact that this little mouse had me scared to death.  That night, I grabbed my laptop and left for the night. There was no way I was going to continue to work in there with a mouse!


When I got to work the next day I was scared to go into my office. Luckily, my hero arrived! A sweet, brave woman by the name of Mary K came to my rescue. She grabbed a broom and went through the room rattling boxes and making sure nothing there. she even found the reason why the mouse was in my office. It was an old bag of candy shoved in the corner of the room.

Usually, men wouldn't want a story like this to be public knowledge. I'm perfectly fine with not feeling like "the man" in this case. Lol!

A big thank you goes out to Mary K, for coming in with all the courage and making sure the mouse was gone. Whew!


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