Is anyone cutting onions?! This postgame moment between Ruggs & Smitty has me ready to cry.

Alabama v Texas A&M
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For die-hard college football fans, Sunday isn't as excited as many may think. Some people would rather watch their favorite college football stars ball out on Saturday. I've heard that many seem to think that college football is more exciting than the NFL.

One of the great things about football on Sundays is seeing old college teammates reuniting after a game. Maybe I'm biased, but seeing the Alabama teammates link up after the game is always sweeter.

This particular reunion between Henry Ruggs III and Devonta Smith after the Raiders played the Eagles has everyone in their feelings.


At first glance, it's a simple connection between old teammates. What real Crimson Tide football fans see is the days of old. Many touchdowns, first downs and game-winners between what is said to be the most dynamic duo in Alabama football history.

The comments under the video all seemed to share the same sentiment. We miss those guys being together in Tuscaloosa!

One comment read, "Can they come back to Obama plz." Another read, "That's brotherhood right there. Love those guys."

Comedian and ultimate Alabama fan Funny Maine's comment was the perfect feeling after watching this video. It was simply a series of emojis that signified his sadness. We all miss seeing those two great athletes score for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Now that they both are in the NFL, could it be possible for them to be teammates once again down the line? Anything is possible.

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