We all know Alabamians love nice cars. The thing is, a lot of nice cars come with a lot of speed. Be careful because going fast could cost you a lot of money.

Since moving to Alabama, I've learned quickly how much people love cars here. Not just regular cars, I'm talking about decked-out cars with rims, big trucks with light shows, and lots of bass. Coming from Florida, I've seen plenty of people with dope cars but I see it 24/7 in Alabama.

Another thing I learned about Alabamians is that the racing culture is big. I recall having a conversation with an Tuscaloosa native and they told me how they drive over to Mississippi on the weekends to race. I think he said it was a race track out there where a lot of people race their cars.

What about people who don't go over to Mississippi or any other race track? I'm sure we've all seen cars zoom past us on Highway 69, Skyland, or McFarland. Maybe they're street racing, mybe not. If so, do you know the punishment in Alabama for being caught street racing?

According to Find Law, if convicted of street racing in Alabama, you can be fined up to $6000. Wow! That's a whole stimulus check and then some! You can also spend time in behind bars for racing in Alabama on a public highway.

It does take a few instances for your fine to reach $6000. On your first offense, your fine is $500 and you can spend up to 90 days behind bars.

To see the full details on Alabama's street racing laws on Find Law, click here.

Do you think street racing is worth the fine and time behind bars?

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