Here's Where Alabama Cities Rank For Vegetarians & Vegans

I've had some experience as a vegan. In hindsight, maybe my vegan tenure wasn't that long.

A few years ago my wife had the grand idea of going vegan. I thought she was just talking and wouldn't stick with it. We ended up being vegan for close to three years!

Wallet Hub determined the best and cheapest cities in the United States for not just vegans, but vegetarians as well. The final list compared the 100 largest cities in the U.S and based the list off of the cost of groceries for vegetarians, the number of restaurants serving meatless options, and more.

Birmingham was the lone city representing Alabama in this study. The city of Birmingham came in at #39. I have to admit, I was shocked! I've never searched for vegan options in Birmingham but now I'm tempted to look. the score for affordability was pretty good as well as the score for diversity, accessibility, and quality. The vegetarian lifestyle score was the lowest out of all the categories. Birmingham came in at # 85 out of the 100 largest cities.

Since moving to Alabama, I have NOT been vegan. I mean, can you blame me? Some of the best food in the United States is in the state that I now live in. When I first moved, I planned on getting back to my vegan lifestyle but the choices are limited compared to Orlando. One day soon, I hope to get back to my vegan lifestyle. Now that I know Birmingham has options, I'll be ready to search for them.

(Source) To see the full list and rankings visit Wallet Hub. 

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